Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"Finding Faith" is Not Something that Happens Just Once

There are times when you hear of someone "finding faith". We even use that term at times when we are telling about our book and the story that happens in it. Isaiah sets out to make changes in No Longer Broken after "finding faith". That is a term that is used for a person coming to God for the first time, but it is also something that we have to do every day. We don't just "find faith" one time and then trust God with everything for the rest of our lives, we have to make the decision to trust him every day, and we have to "find" our faith each day.

When I wake up in the morning, I have to find faith. I have to trust in God to get me through the day. I have to look to him and have faith in him if I am going to get through all that the day brings.

When I am nervous about something that is going on in my life, I need to pray to God for faith. I have to ask him to give me the faith to believe that things will turn out fine.

When the world seems to be going crazy and everyone is pushing an agenda that disagrees with what I believe, I have to find faith and trust that God has everything under control.

Finding faith is about so much more than just a one-time coming to God, it is about trusting him each day and believing that he has the world in his hands. I have to ask him for faith before I can start the day, and I have to remember to trust in him as the day goes on. I have to try to believe, try to hold on to faith, no matter what comes my way.

There is a kids song that talks about faith and that encourages children not to be afraid. It talks about God being someone who is great and able to handle our problems. We need to find faith like the song suggests, and we need to hold on to that faith as we go about each day.

Choose to "find faith" once again today.

By Emily Acker, co-author of No Longer Broken


  1. Amen! I so agree! I 'lost' my faith when my cancer was diagnosed. Many emotions were crowding out God's promises and faithfulness to me. But the noise of those emotions was great for a little while. So glad God did not lose sight of ME! His mercy is -new- every morning; even when our day is crazy and distracting. God is waiting for us in the next sunrise to trust Him. http://restginhisshadow.com facebook.com/ABbookShadow

  2. This is one of the most encouraging reads! I needed this especially today. Sometimes the storms of life make it so hard to get out of bed. But every day I must deliberately decide to choose faith. I must deliberately set my mind on the fact that God knows hat He's doing and has me here for a reason.

    Thank you for this! God bless you xx