Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Why Me? Trusting God Even When It's Hard.

It's easy to think, "why me?" and it's just as easy to think, "why not me?"

The novel I read recently dealt with this issue. The what-ifs. The why-me questions.

And the reason why everything is so complicated, why we have so many questions, is because there is sin in this world. 

Things are always going to get messy. Life here on earth will never be perfect.

We will always wonder "why me" about something or other. But we need to trust God's plan for us.

There isn't always going to be an answer to the "why me" questions, but we need to know that God has a plan. Through the darkness and pain, God has a plan.

Why was it me who __? Why wasn't it me who __? We all have questions. We all want answers.

But we need to have faith.

Faith is blind. Faith is unexplainable. We won't always get answers.

Faith means trusting.

Faith means letting go of our questions and anxiety.

And faith is what we need in times when these questions plague us.

By Bethany Acker, Co-Author of No Longer Broken

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  1. Enjoyed your post! May be short, but it is a great reminder. Even though faith may not give answers, we can always know that God has a better perspective and plan in life than we do.

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