Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Giving - One of the Reasons I Love Christmas

I don't remember when I started to care more about giving gifts at Christmas than receiving them but I know for sure that I do now. I love to give presents to family members and watch their excitement. I love to shop for gifts. I love to save things up throughout the year so that I can give them to those people who are most important to me at Christmas time.

I love the feeling that I get when I give someone a gift that they appreciate. One sort of tradition that I have made through the years is the tradition of giving my oldest nephew a Mario graphic t-shirt each year. I have done this in different ways through the years - one year wrapping up a gift for him and my brother to share, with a Mario shirt in it for each of them, and this year buying Mario shirts for him and all of his siblings - and I always get excited about giving that gift. I know that the gift makes my little nephew happy, and that makes me happy.

The Bible tells us that it is more "blessed" to give than to receive, and I truly believe that. One of the main reasons that I love Christmas is the fact that this holiday gives us the excuse to shower our family with gifts.

Merry Christmas!

By Emily Acker, co-author of No Longer Broken

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