Tuesday, August 23, 2016

God's Plan For Your Life Might Not Be Something Big And Dramatic. God's Plan For You Might Be Something That Seems Small.

God’s plan for your life doesn’t have to be something big and dramatic.

Maybe God’s plan for you is something small.

And maybe you are even doubting his will for your life because of how insignificant the things that you are doing feel.

But God knows what he is doing. He has put you in the place that he has, he has given you the family, the friends, and the life that he has because he knows you. He has a specific purpose for your life.

And maybe that purpose isn’t to be the next Billy Graham or Martin Luther King Jr.. Maybe his plan for you is something simple. Something quiet and hidden.

Maybe you will never see dozens of people coming to God because of what you have done. Maybe you won’t be able to save the lives of those who are starving, maybe I won’t be able to write a number one best selling novel.

But God’s plan is still real. There are ways that he will use your life. Maybe he wants you to show love to your next door neighbor by helping carry in her groceries. Maybe he wants you to prove that forgiveness is possible by turning the other cheek when a co-worker pick a fight with you.

God is going to use your life if you are willing to live for him.

Do his will, and he will use you. Whether he chooses for us to make an impact in small ways, or big, it only matters that we follow him.

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