Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Trusting In 2017

Trusting is something that we all struggle with, no matter how strong we think we are or how strong we want to be in our faith.

We fail to trust God even though we know that He is big enough to take care of everything.

We fail to trust Him even though we read in His word time and time again about how faith can move mountains, how worrying can't add a day to our lives, and how we should trust in Him at all times.

Two years ago I wrote a post for another blog I had co-authored with my sisters. I wrote about trust being my word of the year. How I wanted to lean on God more and trust in His timing.

This year Emily and I were published. We had been trying to get our books out there to publishers for some time, and it was amazing to see that come to be for us. It was one of the things that I had been trying to trust God about a year earlier.

There are so many things that we need to trust in God for every day. Without His help and guidance, we get lost.

I need to look to Him for everything, or I find myself worrying and stressing over all of the little things in life.

God is big enough to take care of it all. Small things. Big things. The plans that we have for ourselves that don't turn out. The ones that do. God is there through it all.

He sees you. He knows you. He loves you.

God will never leave you or forsake you.

You can trust in Him and count on Him to be there to guide you every day.

Trusting in God is not easy, even if it is something that we have heard about and learned about a lot.

Trusting is leaving things up to God and counting on him to see us through. It means taking the pressure off of ourselves and letting our Him take over.

And trusting is something that every one of us needs to do in this upcoming year.

I hope that I am able to trust God more and fear less.

By Bethany Acker, Co-Author of No Longer Broken

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