Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Favorite Authors - Elizabeth Camden Makes History Interesting

Historical fiction is not always my thing. I am usually much more into reading contemporary fiction, since that is what I enjoy writing, but Elizabeth Camden is the exception! I read her book To The Farthest Shores quicker than I have read another book recently. It held my interest from the first page to the last with humor and history giving it charm.

Elizabeth Camden is a talented author who knows how to piece together a good story. It doesn't feel like you are learning facts about history when you are reading her books, but at the same time you come away with knowledge of the past and how things were then.

The characters that she creates are really well thought out, and each of them has a strong personality, which, sadly, isn't true of every book out there. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book I read by her, The Lady of Bolton Hill. The characters in it were ones I loved.

Into the Whirlwind is another book I read by her and loved. Each of her books has a different setting and unique story. This one is set in Chicago in the late 1800s, and I love learning about different areas and real life events that happened in the past, like the Great Chicago Fire, through good writing.

I enjoyed everything about the books that I have read by her. She is so talented in the way she writes her books, and the quality of her writing can't be beat. She gives the stories heart and humor, and she keeps me turning page after page to see how things are going to end up. She tells of historical events and things of the past with ease, and I love learning through reading a good fiction book.

Needless to say, Elizabeth Camden is my favorite historical author. If you read one of her books, I am sure that you will fall in love with her storytelling skills, too!

Start with To The Farthest Shores for a humorous and heartfelt read.

I am excited to read more of her books in the future!

By Bethany Acker, Co-Author of No Longer Broken

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