Tuesday, August 1, 2017

7 Must Read Christian Fiction Novels (not just the typical love stories)

If you are into reading books that are focused on more than just a love story between the two main characters, then you will love all seven of the books listed below.

These books have heart. They have a story beyond what is typically told in a book. And I love them all.

The Dandelion Field by Kathryn Springer
This story is one of a mother who has been constantly on the move since her daughter's birth. But she's now settled in a small town and finally feeling good about being there. Her teenage daughter's pregnancy and the rumors that are sure to come with it make her want to leave again... but will she stay? Loved this book on a topic rarely written about. I found it interesting and heart warming.

The Shadow of Your Smile by Susan May Warren
This book focuses on a middle age couple facing divorce. But, just before they are to go through with the divorce, the woman is in an accident that erases parts of her memory. It's an interesting, emotional, and well thought out read, and I loved all of the family drama in the story.

From Bad to Worse by Todd and Jedd Hafer
This is not your typical book in any way. It focuses on a hurting young man and a road trip that he takes home from college with his high school crush. The books gets deep, and it tugged on my emotions as I read it. It was an inspiration to me, and I definitely recommend that you read it if you are looking for something different.

Heart Echos by Sally John
A woman with a hard past. A daughter who never met her father. Secrets between family members... two sisters who need each other's support... This book is one that held my interest from the first page to the last. It was all about a dysfunctional family, and I loved it.

Like Moonlight at Low Tide by Nicole Quigley
This book is highly emotional. I cried when I read it. It's a young adult book, but it tells a compelling story, and you will want to read it, no matter what age you are. It deals with heavy topics, such as suicide, and it is crafted beautifully.

In Between by Jenny B. Jones
I have read this book through a few times because it is just that good. I laughed and cried as I read the story of a teenage foster child and her struggles to fit in with a new, Christian family.

A House Divided by Robert Whitlow
I love a book that tackles hard topics and that is different than most, and this one definitely fits the bill. It centers around an alcoholic attorney, who is failing at his firm and with his two adult children. This book is full of drama and is well written. It is interesting, real, and a must read.

So, go ahead and check these books out! You will laugh, cry, and have a great time as you read each one of them.

By Bethany Acker, Co-Author of No Longer Broken

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  1. I just recently read Heart Echoes, it was very good!