Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Where Would I Be Without Trust in God's Faithfulness?

I was praying recently and thanking God for all of the ways that He has been faithful in my life. I was thinking of all of the "little" things that He had done for me, as well as some of the big ways in which He was working. While I was praying, I got to thinking about how hard it would be if I didn't trust in God, if I didn't believe in His faithfulness.

I am writing about a character right now who has had a lot of bad things happen in his life and who is doubting God because of all that has happened. I know that there are people out there who are living just like him, those who are hurting because of all that has gone wrong and who don't believe that God truly is faithful and good. I feel for such people and I cannot imagine how scary life must be for them. I cannot imagine living without believing that God knows what He is doing and will always be faithful.

I think about my life and I know that I have not come through all of the hard stuff that others have come through. If I were to lose someone close to me in a tragic way, would I doubt God? I don't know how I would respond if I was put in a very tough situation, but I really hope that I will always cling tight to God. I know that if I don't do that, if I stop believing in His faithfulness, then I will have no reason to keep on living and no way of moving on.

By Emily Acker, co-author of No Longer Broken

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