Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Trusting God Even When We Feel Like We Know More than He Does

"...Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." Matthew 6:10

Awhile back, I wrote about the need to trust God with our lives and the peace that comes about when we trust him. I was thinking on this some more, though, and I know that this is something that is hard for most of us. Because, even when we think that we're trusting God, a lot of the time we are still doubting him in our heads.

"I trust you to take over my life, God." Wait, wouldn't things be better if you helped me be more successful? I could touch more lives if you helped me get famous.

"I trust you to make everything work out in the best way, God." Don't you want her to be doing something different with her life? Don't you think that things would work out better for you if you changed that person?

We can say that we trust God, but there are times when we feel like we know more than him and we can figure things out in a way that will better help him. We ask God to lead our lives, but we don't always actually let him do that. We need to be all in when we are trusting God, and we need to trust him even when things don't make sense to us.

God knows more than we know. He can look at the big picture and make things work out in the way that is truly best. Trusting in him is important, even when we are not sure why he is working in the way that he is.

By Emily Acker, author of No Longer Broken

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