Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Love Grows - Two Kids Draw Closer - Part Four

He looked into the eyes of the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and knew that he was lucky to have been chosen by her. The friendship that the two of them had started with was long forgotten. They were so much more than friends now.

He lowered his lips to the girl’s, hers soft against his. He loved her as much as he had ever loved anyone, and he wanted to be with her for a long time. Already, they had been together for weeks, sneaking out together and spending time in the park, under the stars.

Being with this girl was amazing and it was special. It made him feel things that he didn’t feel on his own. Yet, there was something missing. He didn’t know what it was, but he longed for something more. And, he hated himself for that. He wanted to be content with the relationship that he had. He wanted this to be enough.

“What are you thinking?” She asked, pulling back from him as a frown wrinkled her brow.

“Nothing.” He leaned forward, ready to kiss her again.

“No. What are you thinking?” She kept her distance. “You’re not here with me. It’s like you’re somewhere else.”

He leaned back, resting his elbows in the grass behind him and his body’s weight on them. “It’s not important. All that’s important right now is you.”

“You can talk to me, you know…”

“I know.”

“I’d be happy to help you.”

He wished that she could help him, but she was everything that she should be and it just wasn’t enough. He forced a smile as she rested her head on his chest. The warmth of her body against his helped him to relax. He let out a breath. “I love you.”

“And I love you,” she responded. “You mean the world to me.”

“I’m lucky.”

“No, you’re not the one who’s lucky.” She turned onto her side, resting half on him and half on the grass as she wrapped him in a tight embrace. “I’ve never known anyone quite like you and I am so lucky to have you in my life.”

He closed his eyes, soaking in the moment, what it felt to have her one with him. Things were perfect. How could he be longing for something more when he had this? This was what life was all about. He had a girl who he loved with all of his heart. Every guy dreamed of having this, and he had it. Forget everything else. I don’t need anything more than this.

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By Emily Acker

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