Tuesday, September 13, 2016

We All Have Worries, Stresses, And Fears. But Should We Be Feeling That Way?

Worry. Fear. Stress.

The anxiety that comes along with each day threatens to pull us down.

At times, we feel alone because of how strong the pull of our anxiety is. And God knows this.

Several times in the Bible he mentions our worries and fears. He tells us to cast our cares on him. He tells us that we will not add an hour to our lives by worrying. He tells us not to fear because he is with us.

Does that mean that not stressing is easy? No.

Does it mean that trying not to stress is the right thing to do? Yes.

We all have worries, stresses, and fears. There are things and people that we care about, and we want everything to turn out alight. That is understandable.

But there is nothing that we can do to make things turn out best.


Not on our own.

God asks us to cast our burdens on him because he will care for us.

He will sustain us.

He will take away our worries, and he will hold us as we walk through our darkest days.

All that we need is to trust in him more. And we need to worry and fear less.

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