Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Faith Is Being Sure Of What We Do Not See. It's Trusting In Someone Greater Than Us. And Faith Is Difficult.

Faith is so hard. It's believing what we can't see. It's trusting in Someone greater than us.

Faith is difficult because it means letting go.

It means allowing God to take over. It means no more stressing. No more planning and thinking about the what-ifs in life.

Faith means that we believe in something bigger than ourselves, and while faith can be comforting, the thought of it can be confusing and hard.

There are times when we will want to make it on our own.

There are times when we will lose sight of our faith and we will start doubting.

And those times will be challenging.

Because no matter how much we feel that we can make it on our own, that we can plan out the future and make everything work out for ourselves, the truth is that we can't.

We need God's help.

We need the love, the care, that He offers.

We need to believe in Him and have faith that everything will work out for the best. When we do that, everything will be alright.

Believing without seeing is not easy. Letting go of our future, of our lives and our aspirations, is not easy.

But with God, with true faith in Him, our lives will be better than ever before.

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  1. Well said. Just went through Hebrews 11 again tonight. It's one of my favorite passages. :)