Tuesday, October 4, 2016

This Is Only Our Temporary Home.

So many times in life we forget the big picture and instead focus on the moment. We ignore the fact that earth is only home to us for a short time, and we instead live like it is all that we've got.

We long to buy a bigger home, a better car, and expensive clothes. We want our careers to be good, and we want to feel successful. But does success really matter?

Sure, we should be doing everything to the best of our ability. And yes, success can be a good thing. But is that all that we should be living for?


Success on earth is only temporary.

The things that we buy are only temporary. Fame, money, happiness, it is all temporary.

The things that really matter in life are faith. Love.

God wants us to set our minds on things above. He doesn't want us focused on earthly things.

Over and over again in the Bible it tells us that this is not our home. Earth is not where we belong.

As the Carrie Underwood song says, this is our temporary home.


And we should live like it.

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